The Stunt Academy

The Stunt Academy is located in 010 Trickz & Trickz Park. Worlds biggest urban sports park. Expect for excursions most of the classes will be held @ 010 Trickz.

Here is a small slice of what you can expect in the T.S.A. classes:

MMA - breakdance - eskrima (sticks/knifes) - calisthenics - kung fu weapons training - high falls - rock climbing -car/motorbike stunts - martial arts tricking - freerunning - actinglessons - acrobatics - wireplay - fireweapons training - XMMA - SWAT training

Sign up for a free lesson or workshop

After subscribing on the website for a (free) lesson download the form, fill it in and bring it to the next lesson.

29,95 euro per month for 1 lesson a week
39,95 euro per month for 2 lesson a week

Are you younger than 18 let your parents sign the form to. Bring your ID and the filled in form.

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